Pete’s Sweets Wholesale Organic Maple Syrup.

Pure maple syrup is graded by color.
Light amber is usually made in the beginning of the season, followed by medium amber, and then dark amber, rich in flavor and the last of the table grades.
Finally, at the end of the season grade B ( Extra dark for cooking ) is made… Perfect for baking.

An all natural Process, no synthetic defoamers or formaldehyde pellets are used in our trees.

On pancakes, french toast or waffles; As sweetening in cocktails; to sweeten apple sauce; in milkshakes and eggnog; to pour over grapefruit; on fresh doughnuts; add flavor to baked beans; to mix with butter and glaze baked squash, sweet potatoes or carrots; on baking powder biscuits; on ice cream; to mix with hot cereal; when baking apples; to pour over corn fritters.